Stinger RADAR Enters US

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Stinger RADAR

Stinger RADAR USA, a leading radar brand in Europe has launched in the US and Canada with a Stinger VIP line of built-in radar detector/laser jammer systems. The detectors are unique in that they use a credit-card sized touch screen display to show alerts and other functions.

Stinger also claims it took first place in a radar performance contest conducted by “RADAR Roy” in April.

The company says it uses advanced technology such as a military grade HD flat patch antenna that is less than ½ inch thick. The HD antenna permits simpler installation than the older horn type antennas.

The Stinger VIP ingrates with a Stinger laser jammer, which has been downsized in its third generation to a dime-sized device that works with the newest police laser gun technology as well as traditional police guns.

The VIP is user updatable via a USB drive and a desktop app for Mac or PC. It is built in a modular system so it is “the least invasive installation of any other integrated product on the market,” said Stinger. It requires only a USB Type B cable to run through the firewall.

Stinger RADAR is setting up dealer accounts in the US. It has about 80 to 100 dealers including Porsche and Mercedes dealerships. Presently, the company does not work with manufacturers’ reps.

Stinger RADAR says it won the title of Best Radar Detectors by the RDF Forum in September and it was awarded a 9.5/10 by the RALETC Forum for RADAR and Laser performance, their highest rating, it said.

For more information contact Stinger RADAR USA at 1-844-723-2787 or visit their website

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