Cobra Ships Dash Cam With Bluetooth

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Cobra 835BT

 Cobra Electronics Corporation added two new Dash Cams to its lineup including a new top-of-the-line model with Bluetooth.

The new CDR 855 BT connects the Dash Cam (digital video recorder for the car) to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Users can connect to Cobra’s iRadar community that shares red light and speed camera warnings and police locations.

Both the CDR 855 BT and the new CDR 835 offer 1080P HD video recording.  They each have a two-inch LCD screen, ultra-wide 160-degree lens, and a G-Sensor, triggering the unit to automatically save a video clip if an impact is detected.

Additional features of the CDR 835 & CDR 855 BT include:

  • Parking Mode – Provides visual event recording while a vehicle is parked. If motion is detected or the G-Sensor is triggered, the camera will automatically wake-up and start recording
  • Snap Shot – Snap a still photo at any time during a video, perfect for posting or event evidence
  • Action Cam Mode – Switch to action cam mode to disable the G-sensor and loop recording to free the camera from the confines of a windshield
  • Quick Release Mount – Sliding mount allows for quick setup or teardown on any mount that uses a standard tripod mount screw

The CDR 835 and CDR 855 BT will be available in November at and for retail price of $139.95 and $169.95 respectively.

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