Brandmotion Distributes ADAS Plus

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Brandmotion ADAS Plus

Brandmotion announced it is now the exclusive North American distributor for a new driver safety system that combines a lane watch system, collision warning system and DVR.

The system, called ADAS Plus (Advanced Driver Assistance System) brings to the aftermarket advanced features typically found only on new cars, said Brandmotion.

The small device mounts on the windshield and includes a forward camera. It emits an audible warning if you stray from a lane (above a preset speed). It also warns of a potential collision from stopped traffic or an obstacle up ahead.  There’s also a “Beep and Watch” feature that alerts the driver if he’s unaware that traffic has started moving again.

As a digital video recorder, the system automatically records and saves video 15 seconds before and after an impact, whether driving or parked. The system also includes a second wired interior camera that can be positioned to see outside the vehicle, or view activity in the back seat.

Brandmotion CEO Jeff Varick said ADAA Plus is “proven to reduce both front and side collisions, which represent the vast majority of all accidents caused by careless driving, drowsiness or inattention. With the addition of digital video recording capability, it gives the driver visual front and rear proof in an accident or on-road incident to determine fault or liability. And, its elegant design looks like it came with the vehicle.”

The ADAS Plus mounts on the window beneath the mirror and includes a 2.4-inch color screen. It works with any vehicle. It is due to ship in November at a suggested retail price of $679.95. For more information visit

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