NAV-TV Releases Camera Interfaces for Chevys (With an Extra Video Input)

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NAV-TV Corp has introduced a backup camera interface with an extra video input that can be added to all 2013 and up Chevrolet Sonic and Spark models as well as 2015 and up Trax models.

The new GMK-PRG permits images from the rear camera to automatically display on the factory LCD screen when the car goes into reverse. And it can be “forced on” and viewed in any gear through analog trigger activation.

The additional video input (included) can also activate in any gear for an extra front view camera, FLIR night vision, side view and 360 degree view camera systems, game console or any other external video source with a composite video output.

The system can be used with a NAV-TV SVS-6 Smart Camera Switch (NTV-KIT592) to incorporate up to 6 camera or video sources

The GMK-PRG joins other video interfaces to now cover the full Chevy, Cadillac and GMC lineup. It has a suggested retail price of $299.

The backup camera is sold separately.

The GMK-PRG is compatible with the following Chevrolet vehicles with full color LCD display:

2013 and up Chevrolet Sonic

2013 and up Chevrolet Spark

2015 and up Chevrolet Trax

A demonstration video of the GMK-PRG may be viewed at For more information email [email protected].

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