ESCORT Intros 3rd Max Digital Radar Detector

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ESCORT Max 360

ESCORT announced a new Max 360 digital radar detector that gives more information about its radar alerts.

The third generation digital radar detector from ESCORT now provides directional arrows, showing where the radar threat is coming from (front, rear, side), and the arrows flash in different colors to indicate different types of radar in use by the police.   A green arrow indicates X band, blue signifies K band, red, KA band and all four colors will flash for laser.

The Max 360 features dual antenna detection technology that can detect multiple threats simultaneously.

Through digital technology, the detector is able to eliminate false radar alerts generated by blindspot and other radar based electronics in use in other vehicles.  The device also shows the speed limit and your rate of speed.

The price of the new digital radar detector is $649.95.  Pre-sale begins on September 29.




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