First Store Within a Store Displays for Car Audio

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Avidworx Sony display

Avidworx is partnering with several car audio brands to offer “store-within-a-store” displays to demo car audio products specific to a brand.

Sony, Race Sport and Hushmat have signed on to the program and several other vendors are expected to announce their participation.

Under the program, Sony, for example, might subsidize the displays for some of its qualified retailers. And the displays include a 32 inch TV/monitor so that Sony could stream video about its products to the display. The effect would be a Sony store-with-in-a store at a retailer.

Additionally, Avidworx is offering the new displays independently, without sponsorship. The M3 displays are modular, and can be half as expensive as previous Audioworx models. They mount on the wall and include interactive switching for product demos and are easier to install by the dealer, said Avidworx.

“We’ve gone back to the drawing board for M3 to create something that is significantly lower cost to retailers, but also looks great and engages customers in a meaningful, impactful way. We also wanted something that is easier for retailers to self-install,” said Avidworx President Marcel Newell.

Displays start at under $100 month, or they can be purchased on a 4-year lease-to-own program starting around $270 per month.

“One or two sales a month is usually enough to cover the entire investment, and we know from experience that retailers who choose Avidworx Whole Store Solutions will typically see double digit growth almost immediately,” said Newell.

The M3 displays may be seen at the Sony booth at KnowledgeFest in Dallas August 15-17. They include two versions that take up 8- or 10-feet of wall space. A pilot program has been in progress in 5 stores offering the Sony displays.

Source: Avidworx

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