Audiomobile Ships New Shallow Subs

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Audiomobile Evo

Audiomobile has begun shipping new Evo 24 low profile subwoofers including the Evo 2410, which has the longest excursion in a shallow subwoofer, says the company.

The subwoofers are designed for small sealed enclosures.  They have a mounting depth of 3.95 inches for the model 2410 and 3.65 inches for the 2408 and a power rating of 500 watts RMS.

The Evo 2410 delivers 16.1 mm of one-way linear Xmax, while being optimized for enclosures  as small as .40 cubic feet. The suspension use a 25 mm rubber surround,  and 8-inch flat-spyder, with ‘in-line’ lead wires, to allow over 2-inches of peak to peak excursion.

The subwoofers include a low profile, custom, powder-coated frame and a CNC machined extended-gap motor.

Suggested retail prices for the Evo 2410 and Evo 2408 are $350 and $250, respectively.

Audiomobile will display the products at KnowledgeFest in Dallas August 14 – 16th. For more information contact Matthew Overpeck at [email protected]

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