Cerwin Ships Universal Bluetooth Receiver

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Cerwin CVBTR7

Cerwin-Vega Mobile is now shipping a Bluetooth receiver adapter for streaming music to any amplifier from a smartphone or tablet.

The universal CVBTR7 is a full, 7-function knob control Bluetooth receiver with aux-in  and built in 3X line driver.  It uses water resistant, conformal coated circuit boards.

It works directly with  Cerwin B52/B54/B44, SRPM700.2D/SRPM700.4D/SRPM1100.5D amplifiers as well as any amplifier (with cable) for audio streaming and controlling all playback functions.  There’s no need for a car radio as users can stream music from a smartphone or tablet directly to the amplifier.

The CVBTR7 is shipping now at a suggested retail price of $99.99.

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