First To Market Android Backup Cam

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Brandmotion Android backup

Brandmotion claims it has launched the first to market Android backup camera system for a smartphone, that can make use of those millions of phones already in consumers’ pockets and purses.

Brandmotion says, while others have shown an Android backup camera system, it is the first to ship the product, which comes in two versions, with and without a camera.

The Android interfaces allow the phone to automatically display the view behind the car when the car goes into reverse. And it shows adjustable park lines that can be changed with the swipe of a finger.

“You have a smartphone in your pocket so why not make that work for you and display your rear vision camera right on there?” said Brandmotion’s Scot Clemons.  “Your phone does so much, why not have it do safety features and not just music streaming?”

The interface connects through the phone’s USB port and runs off a free app on the Google Play store called Liton S Cam. It works with phones running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher.

Brandmotion says the system has zero image lag so you get a real time view of objects behind the car.

The interface uses an 8-foot micro USB cable that also charges the phone, even while not in use. Users must supply their own windshield mount.

The kit include the 9002-2800 without a camera at $159.95 (so customers can choose whatever camera they wish).

The second kit 9002-2801 includes a Brandmotion universal dual mount camera that can mount behind the license plate at $239.95. It has a 33-foot harness. This camera features parking gridlines that can be turned off during installation and it also has image-reversing for forward mounting applications.

You can see a video of the device here

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