Toyota and Ford May Join Forces in Car Radios

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Apps Meet Cars Livio

Toyota and Ford are exploring working together to produce a connected smartphone system for car radios, that could rival Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

By joining forces, the companies create a single platform that can lure developers to create apps for it (instead of requiring developers to work with separate car platforms for each automaker). Toyota is the world’s largest automaker.

Toyota will “explore working with” Ford’s Livio subsidiary, using its app technology in future Toyota and Lexus cars.

You may remember that Livio was a 12 volt aftermarket company out of Michigan that produced products including the  Grooveshark Car Kit by Livio Radio.  Then Livio was purchased by Ford in 2013.

Livio uses SmartDeviceLink (SDL) open source technology for connecting a smartphone to the car to create car applications for entertainment, traffic, parking and other data from the Internet.

“By exploring a collaboration, Toyota and Ford are showing caution against letting Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto dictate the future of in-car entertainment and navigation systems,” said Bloomberg.

CarPlay is expected to be offered 31 million vehicles and Android Auto in 37 million by 2020, according to IHS.

Source: Toyota


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