Avidworx Reaches Milestone in Newsletter Marketing

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Avidworx said it has reached a milestone in helping retailers stay in touch with their customers through emailed newsletters.

The company now has a database of 75 newsletters available to dealers for monthly email blasts.

Newsletters provide the biggest return on investment of any type of marketing, or about $41 for every dollar invested, said Marcel Newell of Avidworx.

“businessWORX was created to make it easy for retailers to do all the things they need to be doing to grow their businesses, but don’t have the time,” he said, adding, “One of those things is direct marketing.. but many retailers are too busy to update their contact lists or write newsletters at least once a month, and it just doesn’t happen. We’ve provided a fast, simple way to ensure retailers always have something to send out.”

Avidworx’ newsletters cover a wide range of car audio and mobile electronics topics. Some recent newsletters added to the list include overviews of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a look at why in-car video is better than using tablets in the backseat, an explanation on vehicle wraps, and “5 ways to justify an investment in car audio.”

The goal of the newsletters is to educate and entertain customers, and to familiarize them with the benefits of a wide range of products and services provided by today’s 12-volt retailers.

The newsletters also feature the retailer’s logo and contact information, building their brand through persistent communication.

Over 50 of the emailWORX templates are produced by businessWORX for subscribers. There are also emails reserved for Mobile Electronics members, and approved retailers of participating brands.

The emailWORX deployment system in businessWORX 2.0 has also been updated recently to allow retailers to easily edit and customize pre-written newsletters, or to create completely custom emails.

businessWORX hosts weekly webinars and software demos. To sign up for Webinar Wednesdays, visit www.businessworx.com/take-the-webinar/. You can also arrange a one-on-one demo by emailing [email protected].

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