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Spring Break Nationals is preparing to hold its last year as a consumer show with an exhibit floor of car audio booths for the public.  As of 2016, the show turns into for the 12 volt trade, and Spring Break Nationals becomes a sound competition only (not a consumer expo as it has been in the past) and it will be held on a different date at the new location of the Daytona Speedway.

Show producer Paul Pappadeas said the industry has been moving away from consumer expos of products to dealer expos of products.  “Manufacturer’s have been shying away from events that target consumers. They want more return on their investment and want to target the dealers.”   He hopes to turn in-car.EXPO into a spring dealer training event to kick of the car stereo selling season.

To help spark dealer attendance, launched a build-off competition for car stereo retailers, to bring their cars to the Expo for a chance at a $5K prize.

“It’s time we recognized dealers.  The dealers are the most important asset we have.  And I don’t think they are being supported in the same way I was 30 years ago, when I was getting my start.  They need to understand the Internet, the digital market and manage their businesses,” said Pappadeas.

To review, this will be the last year of a traditional SBN consumer show and next year it turns into a sound competition only and spins off, a trade show.

This year’s SBN will be held March 21-22 with the taking place on Sunday, the 22nd in the same venue.

Three seminars will be held to help dealers. One will focus on growing your business presented by Mike Belus, IRS Enrolled Agent, car audiophile and President of Business Control Services. A second seminar will be led by Marcel Newell of Businessworx and Ben Vollmer on the foundations of business tactics and measurement tools.  Then Mike Watson and Don Lester of will present: “Quit talking about the Internet and Master Digital Marketing”. In addition, Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions will be hosting fabrication seminars also without fee.

Additionally, a record number of manufacturer’s will hold product training sessions at the event, said

Dealers may pre-register on or contact [email protected].






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