JL Audio to Intro FiX and TwK DSP Processors This Year

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JL Audio said it will introduce two car audio digital signal processors this year that can be used together or separately.

One model is the FiX, which is an OEM integration processor that can take the analog signal (or set of signals) from a car radio, analyze them, sum them up and correct them to create a clean signal in order to add aftermarket components to the system.

It’s joined by the TwK (Tweak), which is JL Audio’s first tuning processor. It can be used with a laptop computer to analyze the car audio system for tuning adjustments.

JL Audio says it helped launch the DSP/OEM integration market with the CleanSweep a decade ago. VP Marketing Manville Smith, said  “The FiX will be the descendent of the original CleanSweep but with much more capability. It will address some of the challenges that today’s cars are presenting.”

He said the FiX will be easy to use with a simple set up. “Put in a CD, play a track, press a button and move on with your day. That’s the idea.”

JL Audio revealed no other details, except that the processors are expected by the end of the year.

Source: CEoutlook

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