Metra Launches Blind Spot Detector Under New iBeam Brand

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Metra Electronics announced it will offer its first blind spot detector as part of a new iBeam brand of driver safety products.

Backup cameras and sensors and monitors will also fall under iBeam, which was first unveiled at the SEMA Show last month.  iBeam will also have its own catalog.

The blind spot detector uses sensors that mount on either side of the rear bumper with a 4-wire connection.  Indicator LED lights then may be placed on the outside mirrors or inside the car.  The driver may also receive an audible warning when an object is in his blind spot.  The system allows you to adjust the sensitivity to audible alerts by high, low or off.   When off, the driver uses only LED indicator lights for warning.   Suggested retail price is $149.

Also under iBeam are three styles of replacement rear view mirrors with built in monitors.   The model TE-TVMTC includes a 4.3 inch screen and temperature and compass indicators.  When the screen is off, the mirror looks like a standard mirror.  It has two video inputs at a suggested retail price of $200.

Source: CEoutlook

Photo: Metra at SEMA with Regional Sales Manager Jeff Fletcher


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