Rydeen Intros Blindspot Detector; Crash Warning System

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Rydeen CM-S500

Rydeen Mobile Electronics is launching a new line of advanced safety products at the SEMA Show this week including a blind spot detector and an an early crash warning system.

The products will fall under a new group called the Advanced Vehicle Technologies line.

“Driver safety has become the fastest growing category in mobile electronics and at Rydeen Mobile it is our core competency, said Rydeen National Sales Manager Bob Goodman. He said the success of the company’s 360 camera system led them to develop more driver safety products.

The new blind spot detector is a CM-S500 Side Cam that “eliminates the blind spot” on the right side of the car by activating a monitor in the car when the driver turns on his right turn signal.  He gets a full view of the right lane (under most lighting conditions including night view).  And additional camera may also be used for the left side.  Features include a Super CMOS IV processor with Night Vision and a 150o side view angle (diagonal) with a resolution of 480 TV lines.  Additional features include selectable side view assist lines (for the right side camera) and a weather resistant housing. The CM-S500 will ship in December at a suggested retail price of $199 per side camera.

For collision warning system the new PVR-15W measures the distance and speed of your car and the car directly ahead and it alert the driver if his is approaching the car ahead too quickly. It also includes lane departure warning if you leave your lane without turning on the turn signal to help prevent accidents and drowsy driving.  And it also has a build in digital video recorder (DVR).

The unit docks on the windshield behind the rear view mirror.   It has built-in GPS and G sensors.  The DVR will record continuously and record any event triggered by the built in G Sensor, such as a collision or vehicle hit while parked. Then the event is marked so it won’t be erased from the SD card.

The collision warning system is fully customizable and will install with calibration in less than one hour. It includes a wireless remote control and 8GB SD Card (expandable to 32GB).  It will be available in December at a suggested retail price of $499.

The products are on view at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this week starting November 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall booth 12039.


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