New Blind Spot Detector for Toyota

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Roadwire Smart View

Aftermarket blind spot detectors are starting to come out of the shadows, now with a handful of companies offering products.

Roadwire is the first to our knowledge to provide a dedicated model for Toyota and Scion vehicles.

Under its Smart View line, is a new unit that is activated when the driver turns on his turn signal. Users see a video feed on the car radio screen showing a view of the side lane.

The system includes two low-profile cameras that mount under the side view mirrors on either side of the car. There’s a harness that matches specific vehicles and a video interface module.   If the car does not accept an add-on camera, you can add a video interface.

Roadwire’s first car-specific system  for General Motors vehicles and began shipping in September.

The system offers a 3-year warranty.

Compatible vehicles are:

2012-2013 Toyota Camry

2014.5 Toyota Camry

2012-2014 Scion (all models with 6.1″ LCD)

2012-2014 Toyota Prius C/V/Gen2

2013-2014 Toyota Corolla, Matrix, Tacoma

2014-2015 Toyota Tundra

Source: Roadwire

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