Focal to Ship Next Generation Subwoofer

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Focal's Pierre Perard

Focal will introduce in late November a new generation of subwoofers, which are the first to use its FLAX cone.

The FLAX subwoofer will replace the company’s polypropylene models and will be available in 8-, 10, and 12-inch sizes. (See story on Focal factory).

Focal is also considering offering a slimline subwoofer in the future.

The new FLAX subwoofer uses a radial cone venting system for a lower voice coil temperature and it has a high peak to peak Xmax of 39mm for the 10- and 12-inch models.

The design of the surround and spider gluing has also been changed.

New models include the P20F 8-inch subwoofer that handles 250 watts RMS.  It has a steel basket along with the FLAX cone and a single 4 ohm voice coil with a dual magnet structure.  It works with a minimum enclosure of 10 liters/0.35 cu feet.

The 10-inch P25 handles 300 watts with an Xmax of 14mm or .55 inches and works with an enclosure of 18.4 liters/0.65 cu feet (sealed box).

The 12-inch P30F handles 400 watts RMS and works with an enclosure measuring  28.3 liters/ 1 cu ft.

Focal’s FLAX cones sandwich a lyter of flax between two fiberglass sheets for low mass acceleration, rigidity for low distortion and damping for neutrality.

Source: CEoutlook

Photo: Focal’s Pierre Perard explains the new Focal subwoofers.

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