Clarion and Hitachi Data Team Up on Future Connected Radios

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Clarion will partner with Hitachi Data Systems to jointly research and develop new  “data-driven” solutions for its next generation of car radios.


The companies plan to explore the data-driven side of car connectivity and create new solutions for cars, trucks and fleets.


Clarion is planning advances in GPS and weather services and in predictive car maintenance alerts.  It also may offer car connection services to local city infrastructure, it said.


As more and more devices “talk” to each other wirelessly, in what is now called the Internet of Things, analysis of the data from these devices will become increasingly important, said Clarion.


For example, it is expected that by 2020, 50 billion devices – smart physical objects – will be connected to each other and to humans using the Internet. And 42 percent of all data will come from machines (such as these smart physical objects) said IDC. Many of these smart objects will be in the car.   It is projected that 152 million connected cars will be on the highway by 2020, according to IHS.


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