ESCORT Launches Max2 All-Digital Detector

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ESCORT announced two new radar detectors including the second generation of the Passport Max, the industry’s first all-digital detector.

The new Max2 and a new “Passport,” now come with built-in Bluetooth.  They can connect to the ESCORT Live app that lets you share info with other drivers such as speed and red light camera alerts.

They both also now offer voice alerts in both English and Spanish.

ESCORT’s Max2, like the original uses digital signal processing to separate background noise from a true radar signal. It also processes signals 4X faster than the average detector. ESCORT claims in a recent test,  the Max2 was able to pick up a Ka band signal from over 14 miles away.  It is available at $599.95.

Both the Max2 and Passport include a USB port for Internet connectivity for firmware downloads, a standard headphone port and a mechanically secure RJ power jack.

The new Passport, also now gets the same OLED (organic LED) multi-color screen found on the original Max.  Alerts are displayed in color icons and images on the screen.

The new Passport is ESCORT’s entry level detector at a price of $349.95.

For more info see ESCORT on YouTube


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