Some Stats on Pioneer and Alpine

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Pioneer and Alpine

Here are a few data bits on car audio from Pioneer and Alpine.


In the 3 years since AppRadio was introduced, Pioneer has sold almost two million head units worldwide with the feature.

So that includes Pioneer AppRadios, as well as AVIC navigation radios and AVH DVD receivers  with the feature since the summer of 2011.

North America accounts for 25 to 30 percent of that figure, said Ted Cardenas, Pioneer VP Marketing.



Last year Alpine held focus groups on those buying its 8-inch AV/navigation radios and found, not surprisingly that consumers don’t want to punch through multiple menus to get to a feature. And they don’t always want every feature in the book.

Many consumers were frustrated with Bluetooth quality.  “One of their main pain points is dissatisfaction with Bluetooth ease of use.  That It doesn’t pair well,” said Steve Crawford.

Additionally the mic quality is not what people expected.   Bluetooth improvement was typically the number one or two request.

Another top three request was a rear view camera.

As we know, 70 percent most of the buyers for Alpine’s 8 inch radio were truck and SUV owners, mainly used truck and SUV owners and Alpine estimates that that figure is even higher today.

Source: CEoutlook

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