Audison Announces Delivery Dates on Car-Specific Systems

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Prima Golf

Audison (Elettromedia) said it will begin shipping its first vehicle-specific “Prima Sound Pack” car audio systems in the October/November time frame.  The first sound packs will work in the Volkswagen Golf 6 and 7.

Additionally, car-specific systems for the BMW 3 and 1 series will be available in January.

Audison said it will continue to expand the systems to other cars that are “world cars.”  To accommodate other cars, dealers can use the components of the sound packs that are also sold separately to create what it called “production style” high end systems. Audison may offer plug and play harnesses for heavily requested cars.

So if a Ford 150 is popular in a dealer’s area, he could learn the speaker placement, design the speaker rings, record to the signal processing and then be able to repeat the process easily for other Ford 150s.

The Sound Packs for the VW Golf and BMW the systems are pre-tuned to match the acoustics of the car, and include drop in speakers and adapter rings, a woofer enclosure, amplifier/sound processor and harness.

Audison hopes the systems will create niche opportunities for retailers.

Speaking at its recent distributor conference, Elettromedia spokesman Larry Penn said, for example, on the Porsche Cayenne, the factory audio amplifier tends to die after 5 years, and it costs over $1,500 to replace.  So a dealer could offer the owner a Prima system instead.

The first Prima amplifiers, which may be sold separately, began shipping 3 months ago.  New amplifiers with and without built-in processing will be available in the July to October time frame including an AP4.9 amplifier/bit processor combination.

Source: CEoutlook

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