First Remote/Installer Control of Car Interface Kits From iPhone

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In a first of its kind product, said VOXX (Audiovox), the company released an iPhone app that lets consumers remote control some of the Audiovox car radio interface kits from their phone.  (The kits add USB and Bluetooth to an older car radio).  The app may also be used by installers.

The iPhone remote control app works with Audiovox MediaBridge and Duo interfaces directly.  VOXX claims while some other iPhone apps  on the market work with in-car devices via steering wheel controls, the VOXX iPhone app is the first to offer direct iPhone control.

The MediaBridge and Duo are used to add functions to an older radio, including such functions as USB port, Bluetooth, satellite radio and aux in capability.  The new app lets consumers remote control the devices so, for example, when using satellite radio, stations might be more easily viewed and controlled via the iPhone,  than the smaller screen on some radios.

Installers may also use the app to fine tune these devices. If a customers bought a MediaBridge interface just for Bluetooth use and he doesn’t own satellite radio, the installer can shut off the satellite radio mode so the overall menu will be less cluttered and less confusing to the consumer.  He can also set the gain and volume for when the consumer switches from one mode to another.

Tom Malone, President of VOXX said, “The Audiovox OEI Control App is a first of its kind in our industry. Installers are challenged daily with more and more complex devices to integrate with the factory entertainment systems and we have developed a cutting edge easy to use tool that any installer will be able to understand and utilize.”

The app is free and is available on the iTunes App store.

It works with all Audiovox Silverline DUO and all MediaBridge products running firmware 7106 or newer.  A firmware update for the universal RDS products will be available within 30 days.

For more information visit the new Audiovox web site:


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