Voxx Invests $3M in EyeSee360

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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.– VOXX International(formerly Audiovox) today announced that it has made a $3 million investment in EyeSee360, the creator of a panoramic video camera, 360Fly, and the smartphone attachment, 360MicroFly, both of which were shown by VOXX at CES in January.

VOXX will bring a 360Fly line of panoramic action cameras to market this year.  With the 360, when you take a video shot, you get a full panoramic view that you can scroll around in to choose your own perspective. So a shot of a birthday and candles, can reveal more than a child blowing out candles, but all a full room view.

VOXX Electronics is the exclusive distributor for EyeSee360 devices that can mount on helmets, surfboards and other equipment.

“The 360Fly can see beyond the limits of other cameras allowing consumers to capture even more than what their eyes see.  We believe this technology will change the way people capture, view and share life’s moments. This is an exciting step in the evolution and disruption of video,” said Tim O’Neil, CEO of EyeSee360.

The 360Fly is a panoramic video camera that allows users to capture and share an interactive 360 degree panoramic video. With a field of view – 360 degrees horizontal by 240 degrees vertical, more than twice that of traditional POV cameras – the 360Fly camera is also shock-proof, water resistant, and has built-in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth functionality.

360MicroFly is a smartphone lens attachment that puts a spin on traditional video, offering smartphone users the ability to simultaneously record everything around them and share an immersive experience instantly through social media. 360MicroFly attaches to popular smartphones to capture videos that are not only panoramic but interactive, creating engaging scenes and allowing viewers to control what they want to view.

For additional information visit the web site at www.360Fly.com.

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