Rydeen Ships Counter Display for Wireless Backup Cam

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Rydeen display

TORRANCE, CA– Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced it is now shipping a two-piece retail demonstration system for its DG240 wireless transceiver that eliminates the need to run a wire for a video signal between the camera and monitor.

The individual countertop units allow retailers to demo the video signal quality of the DG240 from one side of the counter to the other, or across the showroom.

The DG240 transceiver (MSRP $179) has been one of the company’s best sellers since its debut at International CES in January.  It connects directly to Rydeen cameras or any rear-view camera with a composite RCA-style plug using an included adapter.
“Wireless video has always been an iffy technology in our industry,” said Robert Haynes, national trainer and regional sales manager for Rydeen. “When we perfected the DG240 and introduced it at CES, dealers and distributors were amazed that we could walk 200 feet down the aisle and still deliver crystal clear video on the receiving display. We want to give dealers’ customers that same powerful experience.”

Each demonstration pair is made of clear acrylic and looks stylish on the countertop or at the point of sale. The receiving unit holds a DG240 receiver as well as monitor-equipped mirror. The transmitter holds the DG240 transmitter and a rear-view camera. The units are hand assembled in the company’s Torrance, Calif., office and ship in a single box with individual power supplies.

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