Microsoft Planning Answer to CarPlay

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Microsoft Car

At a recent conference, Microsoft showed a system that could be its answer to Apple’s Car Play.  The system uses Microsoft’s new Cortana voice agent (like Siri) to control car radio functions.

While still a concept, Microsoft said it’s one that the company is “working very seriously on,” according to Steve Teixeira, Director of Program Management for the Internet of Things at Microsoft.

You can see the presentation here about 27 minutes into the video.

Microsoft’s new voice assistant, available on Windows Phones, is similar to both Google’s voice assistant Google Now and Apple’s Siri.  Like Google Now, Cortana can take info from your email and calendar and use it smartly, say to let you know your flight is delayed or remind you that it’s time to leave for the airport. See a great overview of Cortana here.

Source: Channel 9 via Engadget


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