Some Small Steps for MirrorLink

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The group that promotes MirrorLink, the standard for connecting smartphones to car radios, announced a new “Fast Track” program that helps developers convert their apps to MirrorLink.

In addition, car maker Peugeot announced two new car models will include MirrorLink ready radios.  They join car models from Toyota and Volkswagen, (sold mainly overseas as per CNET).

The announcements came at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona Spain this week. Still, the MirrorLink standard has been slow to gain adoption in the U.S.

MirrorLink  lets a car radio screen mirror and control the workings of a smartphone.  But there are few phones with built-in MirrorLink available in the U.S.

To help jumpstart the standard’s adoption, the new MirrorLink Developer Fast Track program picks developers with innovative apps and provides them technical support, marketing and helps them convert their app to the MirrorLink format.

The group that promotes MirrorLink–the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)—announced the first developers admitted to the program are Glympse, Coyote and Parkopedia.

The program should also reduce test-lab costs for the developer.

The CCC is also holding a second annual MirrorLink DevCon at Mobile World Congress as well.

Fujitsu is also offering new MirrorLink devices sold in Japan.

Source: CCC

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