What to Tell Customers in Email Blasts

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Avidworx keep calm

Avidworx is providing pre-written newsletters that dealers may email to their customers to keep them coming into the store.

Avidworx’s Marcel Newell says 80 percent of a good business plan is the marketing plan, something which many car audio retailers lack.

So the company announced a new program that sends out weekly direct marketing newsletters to a dealer’s customers.

In February, 5 newsletter topics were available for retailers to email customers: a Valentine’s Day special, amplifier newsletter, sound damping newsletter, choosing the right head unit and crossovers.

March newsletters include advice on subwoofers, equalizer settings and early warning crash systems.

“Two of the biggest issues facing mobile audio and electronics retailers today are declining foot traffic and a lack of public awareness of the products and their benefits,” said Newell. “Store owners and managers are also too busy to do any effective marketing, and when they do get a moment it’s both expensive and time consuming.”

Avidworx’s program lets dealers schedule email campaigns with one click, he said.

The company pushes direct email marketing because it can require up to 10 times more in marketing costs to bring in a new customer than bringing back an existing customer. Your current customers are also more than twice as likely to make a purchase than a new customer and tend to spend about 33% more on average.

The service is part of Avidworx’s Businessworx program.

Subscriptions for the service start at $99 a month.   For more information contact 604-907-0209, [email protected].

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