Dual Electronics Shows its First Headrest Monitors (With HDMI)

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Dual headrest monitor DVH904HD

Dual Electronics is entering the car video headrest monitor category with two models with HDMI and USB inputs.

Additionally, the headrest monitors include MHL to play movies and games from an Android device.

The monitors, DVH704HD and DVH904HD, come in 7- and 9-inch screen sizes, respectively, and include DVD players.  They have digital LED backlit, high-definition displays, and built in FM modulators to work with the car’s audio system. They also come with an A/V output and two A/V inputs, plus dual channel wireless IR transmitter and wireless remote control.

A third monitor is a 10.1-inch overhead flip down model DVC104HD.  It has DVD and USB playback and HDMI inputs but it doesn’t support MHL.  It also has an FM modulator, 1 A/V output and 1 A/V input and single channel wireless IR transmitter.

All models ship with 3 different skins that you can change to match your car’s interior.

Source: Dual Electronics


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