Near No-Delay Wireless Backup Camera Aftermarket Kit at CES

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Rydeen DG240

A digital wireless kit that allows a wireless backup camera installation will be announced at CES from Rydeen, which says it is the first company to bring the delay between the image and the monitor down to nearly zero.

Rydeen DG240
Rydeen DG240

The DG240 is a wireless video transmitter and receiver kit that can be used with any backup camera and monitor.  It conducts an image using a digitally encrypted signal over the FM frequency with a latency (delay between camera and monitor) of about 1/10th of a second, or what Rydeen calls virtually imperceptible.  (Exact latency is 80 to 150 milliseconds).

Many suppliers have attempted to deliver wireless backup camera systems that eliminate the need to run wires through the car between the camera and the monitor, but have been thwarted by a delay in the system.

“Others have digital systems but all have very significant time delays so if you saw something in the monitor you probably already would have hit it,” said Rydeen’s Jim Newell.

The Rydeen system also has a range of 250 feet so it may used in vehicles like large trucks, horse trailers, and RVs where it is difficult to run wires for a traditional backup camera system.

The kit’s transmitter attaches to a camera and the receiver attaches to a monitor. It is expected to ship in January at $179 suggested retail price.

Rydeen will also show at CES a WiFi-enabled rear view camera that can turn a smartphone or tablet into a backup camera display.

The DG500 WiFi Camera/module is due in Q2, and Rydeen is hoping to reduce the delay time between camera and image on the monitor to “an imperceptible level.”

The camera and WiFi module can work with a WiFi enabled iPhone or Android device along with a Rydeen app.

The DG240 and 500 will be demonstrated at CES next week in the North Hall, booth 3424 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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