Results From Car Tech Demo Days by MERA, CEA

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Car Tech Demo Driving

The first joint Car Tech Demo Days sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association and the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA) produced 8 million online and Facebook impressions and drew 5,000 clicks on the Car Tech Demo Days national web site

3,500 consumers clicked the “Learn More” buttons on the web site to find out more about better sound or better safety and security, or better connectivity.

214 dealers participated in the program, which was sponsored by Sony, iSimple, Kenwood, SiriusXM, Clifford, and Cobra.

MERA President  Chris Cook says he hopes to see the program continue next year with a greater focus on tying in the CEA’s satellite media tour with the local retailers.

For example, if a Denver TV station is going to pick up a feed from the media tour, local retailers can call their TV station beforehand to invite them to the store to see the products in action. “Then a TV station can go in and say,  ‘Look at the great technologies that are right in our town…’” said Cook.

This year, TV interviews aired in Dallas; Detroit; Denver; Indianapolis; Jacksonville, FL; Grand Rapids, MI; New Orleans;  Honolulu; Huntsville, AL; Eugene, OR; Wanatchee, WA and Bend, OR.

Radio station interviews were held on national news stations as well as stations covering Seattle; Dallas; Philadelphia; Detroit; Phoenix; Minneapolis,;  Denver;  Columbus, OH;  Hartford, CT; Richmond, VA; Birmingham, AL; and Omaha.

MERA plans to offer retailers a full media kit on how to approach local TV stations and make better use of the Demo Day’s publicity on car audio in the future.

Only a third of the retailers participating in Car Tech Demo Days submitted email lists of their customers to Revenew (the program’s digital media arm) so Revenew could send out emails publicizing Demo Days.

Under the Demo Day program suppliers and the CEA create a media blitz  to raise awareness of car audio and to direct customers to a web site that points to local dealers.  Local dealers in turn, market to their customer base (through email promos) to capitalize on the media blitz.

Dealers advertise special demonstrations at their store or simply invite consumers to get a demo of the latest products during store hours. MERA coordinates the dealer involvement in the Demo Day program and uses Revenew to help the dealers publicize Demo Days via online and Facebook advertising and email blasts to customers.

MERA suppliers, as a result of Car Tech Demo Days, are now offering continuing programs to send special offers directly to a retailer’s email list, so retailers can promote sales to their customers year round.

Car Tech Demo Days was held November 9-11.

Source: CEoutlook


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