Rydeen Ships 360 Degree Camera System

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Rydeen RDV360

Rydeen announced it is now fully shipping its 360-degree camera/DVR system after offering limited quantities since September.

The company said it has been training retailers to calibrate the new RDV360, which “stitches together” the video feed from a front, rear and two side cameras for a 360 degree view around the car.

National product trainer Rob Haynes said, “This is a product that must be professionally installed and calibrated, and if done correctly, the user experience mirrors that of popular vehicles that come equipped with similar systems. To that end, we’ve continued to take extensive measures to ensure that our retailers and technicians are proficiently trained to install and calibrate the units.”

Videos on the installation process can be found on the company’s YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/rydeenmobileusa and on the company’s web site. Rydeen will also train groups of technicians at scheduled events in 2014.

The Rydeen RDV360’s four cameras connect to a central module that processes the information into a combined camera image, which can be toggled manually in addition to automatically showing when the vehicle is in reverse gear.

Rydeen says its camera system, at $799 MSRP offers more features than some other 360-degree camera systems including the ability to record video,

Haynes said it’s important how the camera images are displayed. “Simply showing four images all at different angles on a screen causes the driver to have to think about and process what he or she is seeing, and it ends up being a distraction rather than a benefit. The RDV360 does the processing for the driver, presenting a birds’ eye view of the vehicle from the top, as well as its surroundings, all to scale and in real time.”

The RDV360 can also present single camera views on a connected screen with a compatible composite video input, and can record imagery on an SD card up to 32GB.

Rydeen’s RDV360 system will be on display at CES in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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