Brandmotion Adds 2 More HomeLink Mirrors

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Brandmotion HomeLink mirror

SOUTHFIELD, MI–Brandmotion is adding two new replacement mirrors to its Slimline series, both with HomeLink controls.

The HomeLink RF system from Johnson Controls lets your open your garage door, turn on the lights and open a home entry gate by remote control

“With our introduction of the new, versatile HomeLink standalone controllers last year, Brandmotion has become known for providing customized installation solutions for the home automation system,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick. “We want to continue to provide technicians with as many options as possible… which is why we’ve added HomeLink to two of our most popular mirror designs.”

Like the 9002-9608, the HomeLink-equipped 9002-9650 is designed to fit most vehicles with the standard (D Tab) mirror mount. The 9002-9561 “mirrors” the current 9002-9618 in that it accommodates the twist-and-remove tri-lobe fitting currently used in vehicles such as the 2013 Dodge Ram, certain models of the new 2013 Ford Escape and Focus, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Dodge Ram and Journey.

All models feature a sleek, stylish look that surpasses most factory installed mirrors, with a bright 3.5-inch color screen that turns on when the vehicle is put into reverse gear and disappears behind the mirror’s surface when not in use. The mirror is compatible with all standard (composite output) rear-view cameras.

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