Pioneer Announces 2014 Amps, Subs

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Pioneer 2014 amp sub

Pioneer announced Wednesday new subwoofers and amplifiers for 2014 shipping now or this month.

The new subwoofer, model TS-W3003D4 is designed to fit into ready-made enclosures and use the factory speaker wires, for simple installation.   It uses Pioneer’s IMPP composite seamless cone, reinforced drive cone, dual spiders and large double stacked magnets.

The new GM-A series amplifiers are now more compact in every dimension, shrunk by about 30 percent (depending on the model) with a new look and new features including turn on/off input sensor, bass boost and low/high-pass filters for quick and easy installation.

“More consumers are looking for faster ways to install an amp and subwoofer, and they’re doing this by purchasing ready-made enclosures and using the factory speaker wires in the car to connect outboard amplifiers,” said Ted Cardenas, VP of Marketing for Pioneer Car Electronics. “Unlike our previous model, the TS-W3003D4 subwoofer is engineered to perform in preassembled speaker boxes, while the new GM-A amplifiers takes on a smaller footprint for increased installation flexibility.”

The TS-W3003D4 subwoofer is rated at 600 Watts (RMS) / 2000 Watts (Max) and will be available in November with a suggested retail price of $180.

The GM-A amplifiers are rated as follows:

  • GM-A6604 (4-channel), 760 Watts MAX
  • GM-A4604 (4-channel), 480 Watts MAX
  • GM-A5602 (2-channel), 900 Watts MAX
  • GM-A3602 (2-channel), 400 Watts MAX

The top models GM-A6604 and GM-A5602, include variable bass boost that can be set to levels between 0 to 12 dB for optimizing bass levels. The GM-A6604 also features variable adjustments from 0 to 12 dB and the GM-A5602 provides three step adjustments (0 dB/6 dB/12 dB).  Additional upgrades throughout the line include low and high pass filters, RCA inputs and speaker level inputs.

The four GM-A series amplifiers are currently available with suggested prices ranging from $80 to $160.

Source: Pioneer Electronics

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