New Training Makes Custom Enclosures More Profitable

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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions, a custom 12 volt design trainer and manufacturer, is offering new classes on streamlining custom woofer enclosures to make them more profitable and efficient.

The company began 2-day sessions last month that show how to create three different styles of woofer enclosures (to custom fit woofers in a given vehicle)  from a single baffle that salesmen may use as a tool to sell best, better and good solutions.  So a single baffle might produce a $400, $600 or $800 enclosure.

“You can have the exact same shape, but it looks totally different with different materials and colors…it can days off of custom work…  The core stays the same, but what changes are the layers on the top and that’s what takes the time,” said Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions. “Some dealers try to do too much sanding and they can never get that time back. If they can make it simpler, but still look cool, that will increase the bottom line,” he added.

Shown here are 3 levels of custom enclosure from the same baffle:

Best– black vinyl with polished aluminum and then plexiglass that’s painted silver on the back

Better– tan vinyl with a vinyl trim ring

Good—gray carpet

Photos were taken from a recent training at a high end shop in Calgary, Canada, coincidentally with the name of Mobile Solutions.

Mobile Solutions is a designer and manufacturer of solutions-based installation products for 12 Volt professionals and enthusiasts. Top-level training is also available at its dedicated Phoenix, AZ facility or on-site for individuals and businesses that are looking to advance their knowledge on installation, OEM integration, and custom fabrication. For more information about new products, upcoming classes, or on-site training, visit  or call 480-968-2074.

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