ESCORT Intro’s Laser ShifterPro

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ESCORT Laser-ShifterPro

ESCORT showed at SEMA a new Laser ShifterPro, its first laser defence product to include upgradable software so users can keep pace with the new laser guns used by law enforcement as they update.

The laser shifter uses true laser diodes to protect from police laser guns used to clock the speed of motorists.   The system includes two ShifterPro devices and an interface at a suggested retail price of $599.95.

Owners of the current ESCORT Laser Shifter ZR4 will be offered an upgrade package.  Similarly, owners of the 9500ci installed radar/laser detector system will be offered an upgrade.  The upgrade packages include two Laser ShifterPros and the ShifterPro bridge box at a price to be announced.

Source: Escort Inc.

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