Car Audio Specialists, Get Heard…

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… the consumer electronics industry.


Car audio specialists don’t have a voice in much of the policies that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) creates because there so few who participate in CEA meetings and on CEA boards of directors.  Some in the industry want to change that.


Currently there is only independent specialist, Derek Pace, of Certified Sounds in Hawaii, who is on the Automotive Electronics Board.  (The two other retailers on the board are Best Buy and Crutchfield).


A common industry concern is that there is not enough interaction between retailers and suppliers.  By joining the CEA and participating in committee meetings (by teleconference) any retailer can provide a much needed voice for the specialist to help plan where CEA resources go in supporting car audio and electronics.


Bob Fields, who founded Victory Technologies (12V installer software) is a member of the Executive Board of the CEA, and he’s calling for 12 volt retailers to join and get active.  Retailers including Joe Cassity of Tunes-N-Tints, Lakeland, FL; Audiologic, Hollywood, FL and Musicar Northwest, Portland, OR have  joined the CEA this month, as a result.  There is a special discount of $50 off of membership that is available with the help of Revenew for the remainder of this month to any car audio specialist.


“We really have a very poor representation in the CEA for the 12 volt side of things,” said Cassity, who is actively encouraging other 12 volters to join.


Any member can contribute to committee meetings via telephone.   By joining, at the special rate of $300 for 15 months, retailers get CEA data reports and a chance to network with top suppliers and industry movers and shakers. Retailers then also have a say in the direction of the MECP installer program and in consumer awareness promotions.  Additionally, retailers may contribute to setting standards for products and product connectivity.


Fields said, “I’m a huge advocate of CEA.  There is no other organization that has the resources they do.  And I’m always an advocate that there aren’t enough retailers at the table.”


Retailers seeking to join may contact Moira Barry at [email protected]


Current members of the Board of  the Automotive Electronics Division Board include:



  • Mr. Ron Freeman, AAMP of America

Vice Chair

  • Mr. Carl Mathews, Crutchfield Corporation


  • Mr. Ted Cardenas, Pioneer Electronics (USA), Inc.
  • Mr. Anthony A. Frangiosa, InstallerNet, Inc.
  • Mr. John Ivey, MiTek Electronics and Communications
  • Mr. Chris Koller, Best Buy Co. Inc.
  • Mr. Keith Lehmann, Kenwood USA Corporation
  • Mr. Isaac Litman, Mobileye Inc.
  • Mr. Thomas C. Malone, VOXX International
  • Amy Messano, Delphi
  • Hasib Mohammed,
  • Mr. Henry Muyshondt, SMSC -Standard Microsystems Corporation
  • Mr. Derek Pace, Certified Sounds LLC
  • Mr. Lawrence Richenstein, Unwired Technology LLC
  • Mr. Laurence S. Roach, Panasonic Automotive Systems
  • Mr. Bernie Sapienza, iBiquity Digital Corp.
  • Mr. Marty Schena, HERE North America, LLC
  • Mr. Andrew Sivori, Sony Electronics Inc.
  • Geoff Snyder, Pandora Media, Inc.
  • Mr. James Turner, DEI Holdings, Inc.
  • Ms. Sally Washlow, Cobra Electronics Corporation
  • Mr. Skip West, MAXSA Innovations, LLC
  • Mr. Tom Yamasaki, Alpine Electronics of America Inc.
  • Mr. Tim Yerdon, Visteon Corporation

Source: CEoutlook

Photo: Tunes-N-Tints, Lakeland, FL

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