One of First Lightning to Car Radio FM Mod Kits Launched by iSimple

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iSimple tranzIt-Link

iSimple, an Aamp of America brand, is shipping a new car radio-to-Lightning connector cable kit for use with newer iPhones and iPads.

The kit takes the digital signal from an iPhone 5 or 5s and converts it to analog, then sends it through a wired FM modulator that attaches to the back of a car radio via standard RCA cables.

Users can then play music or Internet Radio from the phone through the car’s sound system.

Given that the analog version of this cable is one of car audio’s most popular cables, the new Lightning version is expected to be a widely used accessory, said the company. (The analog version has a 30 pin connector instead of Lightning connector).

“Thousands of wired FM modulators are sold with 30 pin connectors. We now have a Lightning version of that,” said Scott Rothstein of Aamp of America.
It also permits better audio quality and faster 2.4-amp charging with charging protection circuits, said Aamp.

To use the kits, the consumer plugs in an iPhone into the Lightning connector end of the cable and then tunes the car radio to one of several pre-set “TranzIt frequencies.” Then they press play on their music, or launch Internet Radio like Pandora from the phone. Music then streams from the phone to the car radio, while charging the phone’s battery.

Called the TranzIt LINK Universal, it carries a retail price of $119.95.

Source: Aamp of America

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