Rydeen Ships 360 Car Camera System in October

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Rydeen RDV360

New TV ads from Nissan show on its in-dash screen a birds’ eye view of the car and its surroundings that helps the driver steer clear of hitting an object or a person.

An aftermarket version that system will ship in October from Rydeen Mobile at a suggested retail price of $799.99. It works with any car.

The Rydeen RDV360 includes four cameras that mount on the four sides of the vehicle. The cameras use CMOS technology and work in low-light.  They offer a 180 degree view.

Images from the cameras are processed by a central brain to show a dual image “overhead” the vehicle.  You can also select to see the image of any single camera.  When backing up, the rear camera displays automatically, along with on-screen colored lines to show distance. The module also acts as a digital video recorder and continuously records the views from all four cameras onto an SD card of up to 32 GB (an 8GB card is included).

“The ability to see, in real time, the distance from another car, a person or an obstacle provides unparalleled peace of mind for any driver,” said Robert Haynes, Rydeen Product Training Manager.

The RDV360 includes a composite (RCA style) output that can connect to any aftermarket monitor, or to a factory monitor using a video interface.

The side cameras feature a shallow round design, which can be  flush-mounted into the side mirror bottoms. The front and rear cameras are special adaptations of Rydeen’s MINy camera.

For more information visit www.rydeenmobile.com

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