12V Buying Group Adds Hybrid Audio

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ICE buying group

In Car Experts, (ICE), the car audio buying/marketing group announced it has partnered with Hybrid Audio Technologies, to serve as the high end speaker partner for the group.

In addition, ICE said it has added resources so it can now take on new members to the 160-member, $250 million car audio buying collective.

Hybrid Audio replaces Boston Acoustics as an ICE member, following Boston’s exit from the market over a year ago.

Hybrid was selected from numerous speaker lines due to its performance, profitability and ability to cater to the retail specialist, said ICE director Rob Elliott.

The speaker company offers innovative programs such as an upgrade system for consumers who can trade in their old Hybrid speakers for a 60 percent or higher credit towards a new Hybrid model.

Hybrid’s US-designed speakers and subwoofers are used by top car audio sound off competitors.

ICE  retail members operate in over 40 states.  Last month, ICE added 10 new members, testing an initiative to handle additional members without sacrificing service to current dealer members. The group says it now has the resources to seek out additional members.


For more information contact ICE at [email protected]


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