MB Quart Speakers Get Major Redesign

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MB Quart PVM216

MB Quart’s Premium speaker line is now shipping with the first major redesign and “re-voicing” of the speakers since the brand was purchased by MB Quart in 2005.

Maxxsonics calls the line, “The best sounding speakers MB Quart has had since Maxxsonics acquired the brand.”

The new speakers use Titanium Tweeter technology, 40mm WideSphere Tweeters and woven fiber composite speaker cones and butyl surrounds.

“It was important for us to break new ground with these speakers while respecting the MB Quart heritage,” said Brian Sherman of Maxxsonics. “New low-resonant basket designs were mated to composite cones, a first for MB QUART. The tried and true WideSphere tweeter design stays. Gone are the pricey convertibles. These have been replaced with dedicated component and coaxial speaker systems that use driver specific crossover networks.”

For midbass, the speakers use a proprietary head exchange collar to remove heat from the voice call.

The line includes a 6.5 inch component speaker, PVM216; and a 6.5 inch coaxial, PVN116; which both handle 75 watts of power (150 watts peak power) with 4 ohm impedance, 38-32kHz with 89dB sensitivity.

Suggested retail prices are $269.99 and $189.99.

Source: MB Quart

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