Digz Hot Summer Nights

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Digz 2013


Building on its debut in 2012, this year’s Digz Hot Summer Night is adding to its car stereo show.

On July 6th, 2013 the popular Volleyball complex in Omaha will be converted into an event like no other. This year adds  Pro and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Fights courtesy of Disorderly Conduct MMA.  They join other show events including an ATREND Model Search, Digz Poker Round-about, Stunt Motorcycles, Dyno Runs, Break Dancers, Midwest SPL, Huge INPHASE Car Audio Sale and a Gigantic Car Show-N-Shine.

Show promoter Jeff “Boody” Budin said, “We had a record turn out last year and set a concessions record with the venue for a one day show.”  This year he hopes to keep the crowds well into the evening with the mixed martial arts tournament starting at 6pm,  with  long intermissions between fights giving fight fans a chance to check out the car show.


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