Second Install for Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

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Steven Tyler 41 Ford pickup

Certified Sounds of Wailuku, Hawaii, recently finished a second aftermarket installation for Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith.

Tyler added a full system with extras to his 41 Ford pickup.  

Steven Tyler's 41 pickup
Tyler’s 1941 Ford pickup with backlit door panel

The install includes an aftermarket radio with Bluetooth for streaming audio. The radio also allows Tyler to plug in his iPod.   The system uses two 6.5 inch door speakers and two 8 inch subwoofers behind the seat plus a 5-channel amplifier.  The total system puts out an efficient 600 or 700 watts.

Also, 7.7 inch marine speakers were added to the bed of the truck.

Steven Tyler's 41 truck
7.7 inch marine audio speakers installed in Tyler’s truck bed.

Certified Sounds owner Derek Pace explained, “They put chairs in the back and sit back there and drive around town so he wanted speakers to face toward them or away from them for tailgating. We sketched out a design and he went with marine speakers.”

Also for tailgating, Certified Sounds added some LEDs to the door panels.  “We decided to add some flair for tailgating.  At a party at night, you switch it on to light up the door panels. We cut out our own aluminum trim and backlit it with some LEDs,” said Pace.

Tyler was happy with the job and promised to come back so Certified Sounds can take pictures of him with the cars in front of the shop.  Also Tyler’s already referred some customers to the store.

Source: CEoutlook

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