Steering Wheel Kit Has Built-in Drum Set

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Smack Attack

A startup called Smack Attack is raising funds to produce an aftermarket steering wheel cover that lets you drum to the music as you drive.

The steering wheel cover is called “Re-Inventing The Wheel” (RITW). You slide it onto the steering wheel and launch an iPhone app to produce electronics drum beats as you tap.

The drum panel gives you 8 different “smack areas,” each one replicating a different instrument: bass drum, snare, tom, high hat, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, splash cymbal, and cowbell.

The wheel cover communicates with your iPhone via Bluetooth and it also works with an FM transmitter or line in on the radio to play the drum beats through the car’s stereo system.

Smack Attack claims the device can even help driver distraction by preventing “highway hypnosis.”

The device is expected to sell for about $150 and has been launched on, a website that helps startups raise funding for their projects. The company hopes to raise $200,000. Users can pre-order the device on Kickerstarter???

Here’s a YouTube video:

Here’s the Kickstarter page:

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