Earthquake Ships Redesigned EX-4000PXI EQ

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Earthquake EQ4000PXI

Earthquake Sound announced a new and redesigned EQ-4000PXI equalizer that offers system expansion as well as improved sound.

In addition to its four band of equalization, the EQ-4000PXI provides front / rear / subwoofer outputs, a variable subwoofer crossover (35Hz-100Hz), and multiple input options.


–       Subwoofer Gain control

–       Fader control

–       MAIN and AUX independent input gain adjustments

–       4 bands equalization (50Hz / 200Hz / 2kHz / 15kHz)

–       6-channel RCA outputs (front / rear / subwoofer)

–       Adjustable master volume level control

–       3 Input sources (MAIN / iPOD or MP3 / video)

–       Red background LEDs

–       Fully retractable control knobs

–       Selector button for MAIN or AUX inputs

–       Front mounted easy access iPod/AUX input


MSRP: $159.00

For more information, visit our website at

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