Viper Launches Public Campaign on Teen Tracking

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Directed Riff Raff


Checkout the Viper SmartStart PSA!

To coincide with the summer driving season, a very hazardous period when teens are more likely to be driving at all hours of the night, Viper is introducing the new GPS  app for the Viper SmartStart. In anticipation of this, the Viper SmartStart has launched a very important public service announcement (PSA) designed to make parents aware of the latest, most state-of-the-art feature ever developed for any Viper SmartStart product. At Viper we understand and share parents’ concerns and we want them to know they now have options to keep their daughters safe this summer.

“If you have reason to suspect the character of your daughter’s boyfriend and question her safety in his company, then there is something a parent can do about that. No longer does a mother or father have to sit idly by while the wholesomeness of their child is being undermined by the local thug, hoodlum or the mere juvenile delinquent,” according to Mike Simmons of Directed, Viper’s parent company. “Through our new SSGPS [patent pending] technology, parents can use the Viper SmartStart GPS app to shut down any kind of lecherous activity that might occur in the car through the control of any number of vehicle functions. Parents will be able to literally slow down the car if the kids are moving along too fast in the relationship.”

Checkout the Viper SmartStart PSA, and join Viper on its campaign to help parents and save the youth of America while selling the best damned car control and security system on the planet. More technical details will be revealed as the latest feature for the Viper SmartStart approaches its ship date. Parents of teen-aged sons beware!

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