NAV-TV Unlocks Camera for Ford Raptor

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Ford Raptor

NAV-TV announced a new kit for the Ford F150 Raptor pickup truck that allows the driver to view the factory front and rear cameras at any time.

Until now, the front camera was only activated at slower travel speeds.

In addition, drivers can also use, while the truck is in motion, the DVD function (2011/2012), navigation address entry and other features.

There are three kits for 2011-2013 Raptors including the ALLSYNC-XG11 RAPTOR and the ALLSYNC-XGII RAPTOR with RSE.

In addition to the above features, the RSE kit adds up to 2 AV inputs, which can be viewed at any time to add sources such as an iPod/iPhone, SlingBox, or satellite TV.

A MYTOUCH VIM 13 F-CAM unlocks all factory features in motion and allows the viewing of the factory front and rear cameras at any time.

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Source: NAV-TV


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