Clarion Intros Solar-Powered Digital Speaker

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Clarion 01Drive

Clarion showed at CES a nifty digital Bluetooth speaker with a solar panel for charging while you are on a picnic or at the beach.

The 01Drive is a full digital speaker that only converts the audio signal to analog at the very last stage so it uses minimal power. The device is 8x more energy efficient that a typical Class D amplifier, says Clarion.

“Most speakers have to go digital to analog, and that happens multiple times. We have cracked it, so the speaker only does it once. This comes from technology for the car,” said Allen Gharapetian, VP Marketing.

The device connects via Bluetooth to play music from a smartphone or tablet. And it charges via USB or its built-in solar panel.

Clarion plans to sell the 01Drive at $299 or below.
Source: CEoutlook

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