Code Alarm Adds Remote Starters

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Code Systems, a subsidiary of Audiovox, is expanding its remote start lineup under its “Professional Series.”

New at CES, was a CA5153SST  long range remote start and keyless entry system that lets you command features up to a mile away from the car.  It can also work with a remote-start-from-a-phone system. It comes with two 4-button, 1-way key chain remote transmitters and ships this month at $359.99 suggested retail price.

It was joined by the PROCOMB security and remote start system that was first introduced last year and is now shipping.

The PROCOMB comes with a 2-way 900MHz OLED, 5-button key chain remote transmitter as well as a separate 1-way remote with 6 buttons.  As with the CA5153, it has a 125dB back-up siren that’s battery operated with a 3-stage infrasonic shock sensor.  It can also work with a remote start-from-a-phone system at $799.99 suggested retail price.

Source: Audiovox Electronics



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