Mobileye Updates Crash Warning System

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Mobileye 5 Series

Mobileye updated its 5 series early warning crash system so that it can work with an iPhone or iPad. The Apple device becomes the display for warning messages of the system. Previously the Mobileye 5 series worked only with Android phones.

Mobileye 5 SeriesMobileye’s system warns of approaching a car too rapidly, or drifting from a lane.  The warning indicators now display on an iPhone or iPad linked over Bluetooth. Users also get driving reports and they can change the sensitivity settings of the Mobileye 5 series from the phone.

The Mobileye 5 system notifies you up to 2.7 seconds before a collision, which is enough time to brake or change out of a lane. It also gives you pedestrian warnings. And it raises and lowers high beams automatically as needed.

Mobileye says its technology has already been installed in more than one million vehicles around the world. Car makers including Ford, GM, Volvo, BMW, Hyundai and Nissan are integrating the Mobileye system into their vehicles.

Future generation devices will include camera-only automatic electronic braking, as well as various features enabled by self-driving technologies.

“The launch of our iPhone app, together with our existing Android app, takes our technology to a new level of flexibility and comfort. Our connected collision avoidance system helps the drivers relax and arrive safely to their destination,” said Isaac Litman, Mobileye CEO.

Source: Mobileye

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