Clarion Intro’s Its Largest Marine Lineup

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Clarion CMD9

Clarion is introducing over a dozen marine products in 2013 including some of the first marine radios that link to a boat’s digital bus system (J1939).

Clarion CMD9
Clarion CMD9

Until recently, boaters installed separate components for a chart plotter, radio and GPS. But in newer boats these functions now work on a CAN bus similar to that in a car. The radio and other electronics can now take the form of black boxes, hidden from view, that sit on the CAN data bus and are all controlled by  a single screen (multi-function display).

Two Clarion  radios work under this system and may be controlled by a multi-function display.

The units are also the first marine radios to offer Pandora control over Android via Bluetooth, said Clarion.

A model CMS5 has no main display but it comes with a 4.3 inch color LCD controller (for boats that are not J1939-ready).  It is IP66  water resistant (protects against waves).

It has a global AM/FM tuner, USB control of an iPhone/iPod and it is Pandora and SiriusXM ready.  It also has built-in Bluetooth for music, and streaming  from an Android phone. Other features include hands free calling and dual USB charging including 2.2 amp fast charging. Shipping is expected in Q2 at $649.99 suggested retail price.

A CMD9 has a 2.8-inch color LCD display (for those boats that are not J1939 ready).   It will ship in Q2 at $599 suggested retail price.

Also new are two standard marine decks without a J1939 port.  These include the CMD8 with a water tight 1.6 DIN face at $399 that is SiriusXM ready with iTunes tagging.  It is joined by the  M303 water resistant single DIN deck at $299 with built in Parrot Bluetooth and Pandora control via iPhone USB as well as SiriusXM ready with iTunes tagging at $299.

New Clarion marine amplifiers include two compact Class D models: an XC6610 (80 watts by 6 @ 4 ohms/120 watts x 6 @ 2 ohms) at $519.99 and an XC1410  (50 watts x 4 @ 4  ohms/75 watts x 4 @ 2 ohms) that may be used for cars, boats and motorcycles.

Source: Clarion

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